Build your startup

in a weekend

Create unlimited Next.js apps with Supabase backend using our boilerplate. Spend time on your product features. We already implemented the rest: payments, database, authentication, blog, AI integrations, SEO, emails and much more.
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Beautiful Landing Page

SupaLaunch comes with a ready landing page built with Tailwind CSS and DaisyUI. Included customizable sections:
  • Navbar
  • Hero
  • Partners
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • FAQ
  • Footer


LangChain integration and chat interface

SupaLaunch comes with a ready chat interface and LangChain integration with streaming. You can chat with the AI and get the response in real-time.


Stripe Payments

Both one-time and subscription Stripe payments are supported. SupaLaunch has all the code for webhooks, checkout and tables in the DB.


Database and Storage

SupaLaunch comes with PostgreSQL database and a storage bucket integration with Supabase via the latest @supabase/ssr. You can create objects, upload images and files, and query the DB.



SupaLaunch has a built-in authentication system:
  • Email Authentication
  • Login with google
  • Instruction for Google OAuth
  • Sign Out
  • Confirm email address
  • SMTP for emails

And much more

SEO tags and sitemap

SupaLaunch comes with a built-in SEO tags and automatically generated sitemap.

Ready AI Components

SupaLaunch comes with ready AI components: Chat + OpenAI API + streaming.

20+ UI Themes

Select from 20+ themes or create your own theme with TailwindCSS & DaisyUI.


SupaLaunch comes with a built-in website analytics and events tracking examples.

Email APIs

Send emails using MailerSend programmatically from your app.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

SupaLaunch comes with Markdown Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages + ChatGPT prompts to generate your own.

Markdown Blog

SupaLaunch comes with a ready blog built with Next.js and Markdown. See the demo.

Lifetime GitHub Repository Access

SupaLaunch is constantly updated with new features. See the changelog.


Hi, my name is Denis

I love coding. I have 13+ years of software development experience. I have been developing startups for the last 5 years. Apart from that, I am a Senior Generative AI Engineer with the PhD degree in Gen AI.

I know how hard it is to start a new project from scratch. You need to set up the environment, implement authentication, database connectors, payments and etc. It takes weeks until you start implementing actual features.

That's why I created SupaLaunch — a Supabase & Next.js starter kit with Tailwind CSS and TypeScript. It has all the boilerplate code you need to start a new SaaS project. I hope it will save you a lot of time and help you to launch your SaaS faster.


Save your time and launch SaaS faster

Not happy with SupaLaunch? Get a full refund within 14 days.


$129/ Lifetime access

  • NextJS + Supabase Integration (~3h saved)
  • Beautiful Landing Page (~4h saved)
  • Stripe Payments (~8h saved)
  • Authentication with email (~4h saved)
  • Google Authentication (~2h saved)
  • Database and File Storage (~3h saved)
  • Ready AI Components (~2h saved)
  • Markdown Blog (~3h saved)
  • SEO tags and sitemap (~1h saved)
  • Analytics (~1h saved)
  • Emails API (~1h saved)
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Free Updates Forever
14 days money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is inside SupaLaunch? Can I see it?

SupaLaunch is a project starter, that contains a lot of useful code written in NextJS (TypeScript). It has the implementation of authentication, Postgres DB, Image Storage, APIs, Stripe payments, Emails many more features to start a project. You can see demo at

Do you use /pages or /app router in NextJS?

All the code is written in /app router. It utilizes most of the latest NextJS 14 features.

What if I am not satisfied with SupaLaunch?

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with SupaLaunch, we will refund your money. Just contact us at

What do I need to know to use SupaLaunch?

You need to know NextJS, TypeScript, React, and Tailwind CSS. You also need to understand some basic principles of SQL databases.

What if I need help with SupaLaunch?

Just open an issue on our GitHub repository. We will help you with any questions you have.

Does SupaLaunch support Stripe Payments?

Yes, SupaLaunch has a built-in Stripe integration for both one-time and recurring payments.